Vector Designer for Farseer Physics

Vector Designer for Farseer Physics is a simple tool that allows you to draw vector over graphics that you can load from Silverlight assemblies.  It is useful for drawing accurate vectors for a farseer geom.  I use this tool for myself, and if anybody would like to see more features I'd be happy to consider them




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Binary Viewer

I'm sure you want to view Binary Files, heck everybody does.  Now you can do it whenever you want with my online Binary Viewer.  The little area below allows for the translation between data types (helpful when perusing a binary file).  It's surprisingly fast.  Have a ball, and install it locally if you just can't stand my website.

Get Microsoft Silverlight

Executive Media Player

This is just an image, click the links to the left.If you've checked out my songs, then you've seen my super awesome, 80's, executive media player.  I'm sure you're dying to have one for your own site, well now you can.  Some of the features of this app include:

  • Loading XSPF (spiff) playlists.
  • Executing methods via JavaScript (add tracks, set the playlist, etc...)
  • Authentic 80's styling.

Ok, I admit that most people probably don't want to use my media player.  However, you might be interest in the source and redesigning the application to fit your needs. 

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